Saturday, January 30, 2010

I wish I lived in a warm place...


Tuesday: 25 minutes of indoor cardio (I just couldn't convince myself to run outside): jumping jacks, running literally around the house, knee raises, etc. 2-3-2-2-4 pushups, 9-9-6-6-8 sit ups and 9-9-6-6-8 squats.

Wednesday: 30 minute outdoor run. It was rough and freezing! I was so happy to get back inside!

Thursday and Friday were not so much a success though. Thursday was a lazy night along with packing and studying. boo. Friday, Aaron and I traveled from Pittsburgh to Michigan's for my sister's play! Yay Cece!

This morning, I am trying to talk myself in to a run. Pros: flat ground! Cons: COLD! Well, the calling of "we have no hills" is screaming pretty loud and calling me out so I believe it is going to happen. However, I believe if the weather could always be 65 and partly cloudy. That would be the perfect running situation. Not going to happen in either PA or MI. Oh well, guess I'll just have to get use to it. In the summer, I want it to be colder and in the winter, I want it to be warmer. It sounds like life.

Our pastor gave a really great sermon on being content with the life and lot God has given you. It was a great reminder for me that the Lord has me in this exact spot in life for a reason. Since His plan is perfect, it is a really good reason that He has me here.

And in 15 minutes, He will have me outside for a run.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First post...ever!

Hi all!

I have heard Romans 12:1 many times before and it never clicked until I turned on the TV one day in mid-January, 2010. Beth Moore was speaking on how easy it is for us (women especially) to make food/exercise/appearance our idol and not even realize it! Until that day, I had not really thought about worshiping Him while I exercise rather than becoming obsessed with when, where, how.

Lots of people think you need to take at least an hour out of your day and go for an exhausting run to call it working out or exercising! Not so my friends! Oh happy day! Something as little (and fun) as doing jumping jacks while your little one laughs at you or doing wall sits or sit ups during the commercials of your favorite show can help!

In caring for the vessel our God created for us in His image, we can worship Him and turn this (sad face) exercise in to (happy face) an act of praise!

Hopefully this blog will help me be accountable to you, encourage you, and give you some ideas.

So what have I been up to? Well, I decided to run my first half-marathon in September! eek! Good thing I have about 8 and a half months to train because I am going to need it! Aaron (my wonderful husband) and I have been doing the 100 push up challenge. We modify it a little since I am a weakling and am sore the day after doing the 2-2-3-2 set. Not a good sign. We are also thinking about starting on the 200 sit up challenge and maybe the 200 squat challenge. We are a challenge couple. Give us a goal, and we will meet it. No goal, well, then it probably won't happen. I'm just being honest.

Well, that is all I have to say for my very first post ever! Yeah, ever!

Today's work-out: push ups, sit ups and cardio (walk, jumping jacks or something of the sort) with Aaron